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Father Kyran Kennedy Catholic Education Centre

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Hamilton ON L8N 3R9

T: (905) 525-2930
F: (905) 525-1724

(not available during July and August; please use alternate fax number, 905 525-2914)

24/7 Emergency Telephone - (905) 522-6680

Monday – Thursday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Affiliated Buildings:

Nicholas Mancini Centre

44 Hunt Street
Hamilton, ON L8R 3R1

(905) 525-2930, ext. 2800 (Reception)

Fax (905) 523-0454 (Student Services)
Fax (905) 523-0247 (Curriculum Services & Library)

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Pastoral Services

42 Pearl Street North
Hamilton, ON L8R 2Y7

(905) 528-9370

Thomas J. Mahony Building

57 Stuart Street
Hamilton, ON L8L 1B5

(905) 525-2930, ext. 2996 (Reception)

Fax 905 546-5770

St. Mary Catholic Education Resource Centre

209 Macnab St. North
Hamilton, ON, L8R 2M5

(905) 525-2930, ext. 4000 (HelpDesk)


P. Daly
Chairperson of the Board

Full Trustee Membership & Contact Information: ...

Public Meetings and Minutes: ...

Board Policies: ...

Director's Office

P. Amos
Director of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2181

The Director of Education is responsible for the implementation of the overall policies, goals and objectives developed by the Board of Trustees, directs the operation of the system, the administration of programs, and serves as Secretary to the Board. The Director oversees the Director’s Council which includes Superintendents of Education, the Superintendent of Finance/Treasurer, Administrator of Human Resources and Controller of Plant. The council addresses all reports to the Board on instructional and administrative matters.

Detailed Department Information:


M. Jadon
Communications Officer
905-525-2930, ext. 2263

The Communications Officer acts as media liaison for the Board/schools/personnel. All media and web inquiries should be directed to the Communications Officer, who will co-ordinate release of information through the appropriate spokesperson.

Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

A. Paquette
Executive Assistant
905-525-2930, ext. 2298

In keeping with the Municipal Freedom and Protection of Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Office within the Board is responsible for fulfilling the following requirements:

- responding to requests for access to records
- protecting personal privacy;
- providing specific information to the Information and Privacy Commissioner;
- making information available to the public;
- records management;
- security and confidentiality of records.

The Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator's responsibilities include training staff, developing procedures for the administration of the Act, collecting the necessary information for the General Classes of Records and Personal Information Bank indexes, and making decisions on requests under the Act (on the delegated authority of the head of the institution).

Records Centre

T. Conry
905 525-2930, ext. 1772

The Records Centre is responsible for the collection, maintenance and storage of the Board’s inactive records, e.g. payroll, accounts, employee records, student records. Records that must be maintained for longer periods of time, such as student records and payroll records, are microfilmed. Former students of the Board can obtain school transcripts from the Records Centre.

High School Transcript Request information can be found at: ...

The Records Centre maintains some records as permanent archival and historical documents. It acts as a support and resource to School and Board secretaries in regard to filing systems. A central forms catalogue is maintained and requests are filled and forwarded to schools and offices.

Special Projects Coordinator

M. Barth
Special Projects Coordinator
905 525-2930, ext. 2186

Superintendents of Education

The Superintendents of Education, along with the Director of Education, Administrator of Human Resources, and Controller of Plant, form the Senior Administration of the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board. Superintendents of Education are responsible for a Family of Schools in addition to specific administrative responsibilities, academic accountability and elementary school liaison.


Superintendent of Education

C. Ciapanna
Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2206

Family of Schools


Holy Name of Jesus
Holy Spirit
St. Ann, Hamilton
St. Brigid
St. Columba
St. Eugene
St. Joseph
St. Lawrence
St. Patrick
Sts. Peter & Paul

Administrative Responsibilities:

Board Improvement Plan – Grade 4-8 – Monitoring Updates

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Principal Performance Appraisal
Teacher Performance Appraisal
New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)
Student Re-Engagement Strategy
Aboriginal Education

For more information, please visit: ...

Elementary OECTA Liaison
Joint Board Level Elementary /Secondary P.D. Committees (OECTA)
Uniform Policy

For more information, please visit: ...

Catholic School Council
Catholic Parent Involvement Committee

For more information, please visit:

Joint Health and Safety Committee

L. Sippel
Health & Safety Officer
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2175

Student/Staff Award Recognition
CYO Liaison/Elementary Athletics

For more information, please visit:

Breakfast Programs

Secretary to Trustee Committees

Equal Opportunity Committee ...

Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC)

Superintendent of Education

M. Cipolla
Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2140

Family of Schools

Bishop Tonnos

Corpus Christi
Holy Name of Mary
Immaculate Conception
St. Ann, Ancaster
St. Joachim
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Mary

Canadian Martyrs
Guardian Angels
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
St. Augustine
St. Bernadette
St. Thomas

Administrative Responsibilities:

Board Improvement Plan - Grade 9-12 – Monitoring Reports

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Adult and Continuing Education

For more information, please visit:

Chair – Senior Admin. Meeting (SAM)
Secondary Athletics

For more information, please visit: ...

Secondary OECTA Liaison
Joint Board Level Secondary Staffing Committee (OECTA)
Joint Board Level Secondary P.D. Committee (OECTA)
Promotions & Communication
Secondary School Staffing

Secretary to Trustee Committee(s)

Ham-Went Catholic Athletic Assoc. Review Committee

International Languages Advisory Committee

Promotions & Communication

Superintendent of Education

I. Fortino
Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2204

Family of Schools

St. Jean de Brebeuf

Blessed John Paul II
St. Kateri Tekakwitha
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta
Blessed Sacrament
Our Lady of Lourdes
Sacred Heart
St. Daniel
St. Margaret Mary
St. Marguerite d’Youville

Administrative Responsibilities:

Board Improvement Plan - JK-Grade 3 – Monitory Reports

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP)

For more information, please visit: ...

Library Services / Teacher Librarians

P. Jeffrey
Manager of Library & Information Services
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2873

For additional information, please visit: ...

Parenting & Family Literacy

For more information, please visit: ...

Child Care/Best Start
Community Use of Schools

For more information, please visit: ...

Focus on Youth

For more information, please visit: ...

Joint Board Level Elementary P.D. Committee (OECTA)
Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Staffing

Secretary to Trustee Committee(s)

Child Care Management Committee

Superintendent of Education

G. Hubbard
Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2153

Family of Schools

Bishop Ryan

Our Lady of the Assumption
St. David
St. James the Apostle
St. John the Baptist
St. Luke
St. Matthew
St. Mark
St. Paul

Administrative Responsibilities:

Board Improvement Plan - Learning With Faith Our Catholic School Identity – Monitoring

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Catholic Leadership Program (CLIP)
Catholic Education Week
Culture of Life
Vocation Awareness/Promotion
Equity and Inclusion
Holocaust Education
Chaplains / Faith Animators

Adult Faith Animator
J. Creedon
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2163

Service Project Trips
Friends and Advocates of Catholic Education (FACE) Project
Social and Ecological Responsibility in Education (SERE)
Chair – General Principals’ Meetings
Religious Renewal
Joint Board Level Elementary Staffing Committee (OECTA)
Elementary School Organization
Elementary School Staffing
Religion and Family Life Department

P. Beaudette
Program Leader, Religion
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2884

The Religion and Family Life Department is responsible for the religious and family life curricula and related programs in all the schools. Accordingly, multiculturalism/diversity, environmental issues, AIDS education, and Christian/community service fall within its jurisdiction. The Department is also responsible for the faith formation and religious renewal of teachers and Board personnel, and provides opportunities for the fulfillment of this spiritual dimension.

Secretary to Trustee Committee(s)

Religion Family Life & Instructional Services Committee

Pastoral Care Service Advisory Committee


Superintendent of Education

D. Hansen
Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2960

Family of Schools

Cardinal Newman

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Our Lady of Peace
St. Agnes
St. Clare of Assisi
St. Gabriel
St. Francis Xavier
St. Martin of Tours

Administrative Responsibilities:

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

A. Cortina
Supervisor, Applications Support & Information Management
(905) 525-2930, Ext. 2961

R. Tritton
Supervisor, Client Support Services
(905) 525-2930, Ext. 2971

C. Ciannavei
Supervisor, Systems, Communications & Network Services
(905) 525-2930, Ext. 2292

ICT Management Committee - Chair
Multi-Year Strategic Plan - Operations

To view the current Multi-Year Strategic Plan, please visit: ...

Computers in Education
Computers for Schools

For more information, please visit: ...

Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA)
- Student Achievement Data
- Report Card Data
- EQAO – Data
- Graduation Rates
Privacy Information Management (PIM)
St. Mary Catholic Education Resource Centre (CERC) – Site Manager

Assistant Superintendent of Education

D. Leone
Assistant Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2835

Administrative Responsibilities:

Special Education

For more information, please visit: ...

Board Improvement Plan – Development/Implementation

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Growing Success
Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting -Differentiated Instruction/Closing the Gap- JK-Grade 12
Individual Education Plans
Speech and Language Department

For more information, please visit: ...

Assistant Superintendent of Education

M. Hucal
Assistant Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2950

Administrative Responsibilities:

Catholic School Effectiveness
Board Improvement Plan – Development/Implementation

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Leading Student Achievement(LSA) Projects
CILM - Collaborative Inquiry for Learning in Mathematics
Early Primary Collaborative Inquiry
SIM - System Implementation and Monitoring
Literacy Leaders
Student Work Study Project
Elementary Programs and Services JK-Grade 8
Student Achievement Visits - Elementary
Student Achievement Visits - Secondary
Arts Programs/Arts Itinerant Teachers
Artist in the Classroom Program
Outdoor Education
Science Fair

For more information, please visit: ...

Professional Development for Staff
Support for New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)
Leadership Development - Consultants
Nicholas Mancini Centre (NMC) – Site

Assistant Superintendent of Education

S. Pizzuti
Assistant Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2866

Administrative Responsibilities:

Student Success/Learning to 18
Board Improvement Plan – Development/Implementation

To view the current Board Improvement Plan, please visit: ...

Student Success Teams

For more information, please visit:

- Specialist High Skills Major Programs (SHSM)

For more information, please visit: ...

- Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

L. Paone
OYAP Coordinator
905-525-2930, ext. 2886

For more information, please visit: ...

- Co-operative Education

M. Presutti
Placement Officer
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2845

For more information, please visit: ...

Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting 9-12
French as a Second Language Grade 4-12
French Immersion K – Grade 12

For more information, please visit: ...

English Language Learners

For more information, please visit: ...

Literacy Resource/Reading Recovery Teacher
Tutors in the Classroom
Student Success School Support Initiative – (SSSSI –Cathedral)
Chair – Assistant Superintendent Administration Meetings (ASAM)

Assistant Superintendent of Education

T. Kovach
Assistant Superintendent of Education
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2830

Family of Schools

Cardinal Newman
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Our Lady of Peace
St. Agnes
St. Clare of Assisi
St. Francis Xavier
St. Martin of Tours
St. Thomas More
Annunciation of Our Lord
Regina Mundi
St. Michael
St. Vincent de Paul

Administrative Responsibilities:

Aboriginal Education
Assessment/Evaluation and Reporting
Catholic Children’s Aid
Crisis Response
Development and Implementation of Multi-Year Strategic Plan and Board Improvement Plan (BIPSA)
Equal Opportunities – Principal Networks
Equal Opportunities Project
FDK – Principal Networks
Focus on Youth
Police Services
Public Health

For more information, please visit: ...

Safe Schools

For more information, please visit: ...

Social Work Department
Student Mental Health and Well-Being

For more information, please visit: ...

Suspension/Expulsion Programs
Tutoring Programs

Secretary to Trustee Committee(s)

Equal Opportunity Committee

Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL)


P. Pace-Gubekjian, CA
Superintendent of Finance & Treasurer
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2139

The finance department is responsible for Board-wide administration of financial resources and the provision of general insurance & risk management, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and internal and external audit. The finance department also oversees the Accounting, Planning, Transportation & Statistics, Payroll, and Purchasing departments.

Administrative Responsibilities

- Budget Forecast/Management
- Financial Reporting
- Capital Financing
- Cash Flow Management
- Audits (Internal)
- Corporate Cards
- Transportation, Planning & Statistics
- Accounting Department
- Finance Department
- Payroll Department
- Purchasing Department
- Printing Department
- Transportation Consortium

Secretary to Trustee Committee(s)

- Internal Audit Committee

Detailed Department Information:

Accounting Department

Responsible for the administration and processing of invoices and payment of internal and external vendors.

A. D’Souza, CGA, Accounting Supervisor, ext. 2165
M. Lahaie, Accounts Clerk, ext. 2313
C. Butler, Accounts Clerk, ext. 2311

Finance and Budget

Responsible for the operating and capital budgets of the Board which serve as the financial plan for the operation of the entire school system. Oversee the entire administration of financial resources of the Board.

N. DeGiuli, CA, Manager of Finance, ext. 2124
J. Kirilo, CA, Manager of Budget & Accounting, ext. 2319
J. Hehenkamp, Accounting Analyst, ext. 2129
R. Sciullo, Accounting Analyst, ext. 2339

Planning, Assessment and Statistics

Responsible for the Board’s planning needs which include identification of capital requirements and future sites, planning and overseeing the accommodation review process, and preparing enrolment forecasts. Furthermore, the department is responsible for the maintenance of school support/electoral status of students in our system as well as on ratepayers that support Catholic Education, support for school admissions requirements, immigration issues, foreign student information and student data integrity.

V. Ramelli, Manager of Planning, Transportation, and Statistics, ext. 2155
L. Popek, Assessment Clerk, ext. 2188


Oversees the processing of pays for active teaching, non-teaching and casual employees of the Board, including retroactive pay, timesheets and pay adjustments. Other responsibilities include: TPP, OMERS, Records of Employment, GPP and liaison with unions.

M. DiBenedetto, Supervisor of Payroll, ext. 2173
J. Dickson, Payroll Clerk, ext.2174
A. Engelhardt, Payroll Clerk, ext. 2256
C. Potts, Payroll Clerk, ext. 2314
M. White, Payroll Clerk, ext. 2297


Responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the Board’s elementary and secondary schools, satellite offices and administration. The department ensures that procurement methods are in adherence with the Board’s purchasing policy including consideration of quality, cost effectiveness, and timeliness of delivery while keeping with the Board’s Mission & Vision with respect to labour practices used, environmental impact, service standards and energy efficiency. Manages the inventory, redeployment and disposal of all declared excess goods within the system in a manner respecting the environment.

J. Ward, Manager of Purchasing, ext. 2130
J. Pereira, Purchasing Analyst, ext. 2127
M. Pavao, Purchasing Clerk, ext. 2285
J. Spadafora, Purchasing Clerk, ext. 2131
C. Wolfe, Purchasing Clerk, ext. 2132

Bidding Process (Tenders, Quotation and Proposals) ...

Human Resources

J. LoPresti
Administrator of Human Resources
(905) 525-2930

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment and termination of all staff and employee relations including grievance, arbitration procedures and contract negotiations. The Department also deals with employee compensation, benefit policies, staff development (non-teaching) and student teacher placement.

Administrative Responsibilities

- Recruitment
- Home instruction – teacher allocations
- Supply teacher allocation
- Student teacher & co-op support staff placement programs
- Joint Elementary Staffing Committee (OECTA)
- Joint Elementary P.D. Committee (OECTA)
- Joint Secondary Staffing Committee (OECTA)
- Joint Secondary P.D. Committee (OECTA)

- Collective bargaining
- Job evaluation/pay equity programs
- Employee benefit program
- Wage and salary compensation programs
- Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
- Group health & welfare benefit programs

- Respectful Workplace Policy
- Employee records
- Board/staff service recognition programs
- Workplace safety & insurance board
- Pay equity job evaluation
- Labour & employee relations – administrative applications & interpretation policy/procedure
- Professional development – support staff
- Performance appraisal & evaluation program – support staff
- Attendance support – Staff Wellness program

Plant Operations

D. Morrissey
Controller of Plant
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2125

The Controller of Plant is responsible for the Board’s overall plant operations including maintenance and caretaking, building projects and security.

Administrative Responsibilities

- Capital construction
- School Renewal / School Conditions program
- Real Estate Capital Asset Planning Program (RECAPP)
- School Facilities Information System (SFIS)

- Custodial operations
- Custodial maintenance/trustees liaison
- Maintenance services

Health & Safety
- Joint Health & Safety Committee
- Emergency Preparedness
- Security

Energy and Eco Initiatives
- Wind Turbines
- Solar Energy
- Rainwater Harvesting

- Community use of schools
- Delivery services
- Parks & Recreation Committee, City of Hamilton
- Parking lots



V. Ramelli
Manager of Planning, Transportation and Statistics

K. Orr
General Manager, HWSTS

"In May 2008 the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board and the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board partnered together and formed the Hamilton-Wentworth Student Transportation Services (HWSTS) Consortium. The mandate for the Consortium includes the provision of safe, effective and efficient transportation services for students for both Partner Boards.

In the event that you require assistance from the Consortium staff during the start up phase, all you need to do is call the contact centre 1-800-691-6402 and provide them with the details pertaining to your inquiry. All telephone calls to the Board office will be re-directed through the contact centre during the start up phase. IF THE NATURE OF YOUR CALL IS AN EMERGENCY SAFETY ISSUE, PLEASE NOTIFY THE TELEPHONE OPERATOR OF THAT IMMEDIATELY."

Child Care

Early Years Consultant
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2937

D. Myers
Executive Director, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic Child Care Centres Inc.
(905) 525-2930, ext. 1717

Athletics / Hamilton-Wentworth Athletic Association - HWCAA

J. Condello
Athletic Convenor
(905) 525-2930, ext. 2875

For Elementary Athletics, please visit:

HWCAA is an association committed to providing school sport to all our student athletes as a contribution to life-long learning and positive healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of the educational value of school sport. Our department provides up to date Sport Schedules, Weekly Standings and Games Results for all our sports.

In addition, any information related to GHAC or OFSAA games and tournaments will be posted on our web site at: ...

St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education

R. Goodwin,
Principal, Continuing Education

M. Silvestro,
Vice-Principal, Continuing Education

For more information, please visit: