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Did someone say sesquicentennial?

Canada’s sesquicentennial has become an opportunity for a group of Grade 4 students at Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School to learn more about their homeland.

Each week, the group prepares a fun fact about Canada to share with their fellow students at Immaculate Conception School, as well as the broader community through the board website.

This week’s fun fact has been prepared by grade 4 teacher Marilyn Baktawar.

As we already know, Canada is turning 150. This milestone is called a SES-kwuh-sen-ten-nee-yul.

It’s kind of a big deal, the next biggest anniversary since Canada’s centennial in 1967. Canada has a
wealth of unusual place that we can visit to celebrate the big 150. Here is a list of some of these interesting places.
1. Big Beaver, Saskatchewan
2. Bacon Ridge, Manitoba
3. Mushaboom, Nova Scotia
4. Mayo, Yukon  (A remote town with one eatery)
5. Vulcan, Alberta  (and yes, locals have worn pointy ears – but only for special occasions)
6. Eyebrow, Saskatchewan
7. Elbow, Saskatchewan
8. Finger, Manitoba
9. Balls Falls, Ontario
10. Wawa, Ontario

Did someone say sesquicentennial?
Did someone say sesquicentennial?