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Students explore world through Skype-a-Thon

Students at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Elementary took a two-day journey around the world, all within the comfort of their own classroom.

Led by Grade 3 teacher Maureen Richardson, students participated in a Skype-a-Thon where they connected with classrooms and professionals around the globe.

"Skype-a-Thon is a yearly event put on by Microsoft to promote learning and collaborating outside the four walls of your school," said Richardson. "The two days were used to travel the globe to learn from each other, to get to know different cultures, and to share our own culture."

During the event, Richardson's class had an opportunity to explore Malaysia, Hungary, Puerto Rico, and Israel.

"We learned that Malaysia only has one season," said Richardon. "They also shared a cultural song and told us about one of the instruments they used – a flute made out of bamboo."

In Puerto Rico, the students shared their experience with Hurricane Maria.

"After all the devastation they have suffered, like losing the roof of their school, they were so positive and happy and just so thrilled to share the love they have for their country."

However, the most surprising discovery was realizing that despite the difference in geographical location, boys and girls across the globe are not all that different than in Canada.

"We may eat different foods or speak different languages, but a lot of our interests are the same."

Students explore world through Skype-a-Thon
Students explore world through Skype-a-Thon