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St. Augustine honours decade-long Science and Engineering Fair sponsor

For over 15 years, former St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School parent Sandy Walker has worked alongside students to ensure their success at the System Wide Science and Engineering Fair.

In addition to her guidance, her company, Primary Fluid Systems Inc., has sponsored student awards as an added incentive for participating in the fair. The company encourages scientists to explore the world around them and develop innovations for the future. They believe that since scientific achievement is rarely celebrated, it is important to them to promote these values within their community.

In her time, Walker has coached, mentored, and reviewed projects for over 400 students, many of whom went on to have successful outcomes at the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair, Canada-Wide Science Fair and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Walker's behind the scenes support took centre stage as staff and students joined together for a school-wide assembly on March 9 to recognize her tremendous contributions made over the years.

To honour Walker and her company, the school announced that the Science Subject Award will now be known as the Primary Fluid Systems Inc. Science Award.

"These awards have helped inspire our students to strive for success, especially in the area of the sciences," said Principal Marc Trotta.

"We look forward to naming our first Primary Fluid Systems Science Award winners and to a continued partnership with a great community partner."

Humbling accepting her recognition, Walker used her moment to thank the school community for their commitment to science.

"The teachers are amazing, the students are great, and all I can say is keep up the good work."

Principal Marc Trotta with Sandy Walker.
Principal Marc Trotta with Sandy Walker.

First recipients of the Primary Fluid Systems Inc. Science Award.
First recipients of the Primary Fluid Systems Inc. Science Award.