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Sacred Heart students demonstrate Catholic leadership and environmentalism

An eco project at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School is not only diverting waste from city landfills, but is making life a little more comfortable for the homeless on our streets.

Led by teachers and school enviro reps Val Nisbet and Katie Marino, students have been collecting milk bags over the past year to make mattresses for people in need.

Marino, who began collecting milk bags while at her previous school, challenged her students to not only collect the bags, but make the mattress themselves.

Each mattress requires roughly 400 milk bags. The bags are first cleaned, then cut into strips. The pieces are tied together, then woven into mats. The mats are not only durable (25-year lifespan), but are waterproof, bug proof, UV ray resistant and washable.

The bags were collected by members of the eco team, while the Grade 7/8 students worked on the mattresses, producing four in total. Grade 6 students were also taught the technique to fill in next year for the graduating Grade 8 students.

Commending the students for the countless hours they expended on the project, Marino added, “It’s important for them to see where the milk bags are going.”

“They had pride in seeing the bed they made and many tried it out to see what it would be like.”

The mattresses were delivered by Marino and teacher Diane Giornofelice-Boyd to a few of the homeless that Marino passes on her daily drive to work.

“All those that received the beds were truly thankful of the students generosity,” said Marino. “We are very proud of Sacred Heart.”

Sacred Heart students demonstrate Catholic leadership and environmentalism