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Learning Disability Awareness Month

Event Date: Oct 19, 2020

Help stop the stigma and realize the abilities!

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of learning disabilities and the challenges faced by individuals and families who live with them.

By increasing public knowledge about LDs, we can reduce the stigma and ensure that people get the supports they need to reach their potential.

• About 1 in 10 students present with LD
• LDs are brain-based processing deficits impacting how one encodes, stores and uses data (see chart)
• PPM8 defines LD and highlights how to develop programs, plan transitions and implement services at school
• Psycho-educational assessments are used to identify one’s profile of strengths and needs, and to diagnose LDs
• Students can receive accommodations and modifications to curriculum expectations based on educational and psychological testing in order to access Ontario curriculum and achieve IEP goals

Contact your Special Education Resource Teacher if you suspect your child has a Learning Disability.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
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Learning Disability Awareness Month
Learning Disability Awareness Month
Learning Disability Awareness Month