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Retired HWCDSB teacher publishes book to share life lessons

Even years after retired teacher Roger DiBattista has left the classroom, he’s still sharing his lessons – this time, in the form of a published book.

Titled, “Lessons From Life – A Teacher’s Story,” the book follows the story of a young boy’s struggles with Hydrocephalus, and how he conquered it and became successful as a teacher and in his personal life.

“Hydrocephalus is an abnormal buildup of fluid in the ventricles or cavities deep within the brain,” explains DiBattista. “This excess fluid causes the ventricles to widen, putting pressure on the brain’s tissues. It causes a variety of different health problems, including severe headaches, vision problems, vomiting, seizures, and damage to mental functioning, to name just a few.”

When DiBattista was born, treatments for hydrocephalus were still experimental, and even then, doctors would often tell parents that their babies only had a few months or a year to live.

“And yet, I’m still here.”

Despite his limitations, DiBattista shares that he has been able to live a full life with the help and support of friends and family members.

“In this book, you’ll read seven short stories from different parts of my life with hydrocephalus. This book is about my life, but more importantly, it reaches out to parents of children who have Hydrocephalus or any other childhood illnesses to not lose hope and to know that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel.”

The book can be purchased online at Chapter/Indigo and Barnes and Noble and is also available for e-readers via Kobo and Kindle.

Part of the proceeds from the book’s sales will be going toward research for Hydrocephalus and the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto where DiBattista spent most of his childhood.

Retired HWCDSB teacher publishes book to share life lessons