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Triple P Positive Parenting Summer Program

A child who melts down in the supermarket. One who won’t go to bed without a fight. The child who is always disobedient, or the one who bites, hits or fights.

Sound familiar?

If your child fits any of these descriptions, Triple P Discussion Groups can help.

Triple P Discussion Groups are short, small group sessions that offer parents practical evidence informed strategies for tackling specific challenging behaviours and align with strategies used in HWCDSB classrooms.

What are Triple P programs?
These small group sessions are run by a trained Triple P provider and bring together approximately 10-12 parents experiencing similar parenting issues.

What happens at the summer groups?
In a relaxed group session, your facilitator will provide you with tips and suggestions for dealing with your child’s challenging behaviour. You will see short video clips showing other parents successfully dealing with the same issue and you will be invited to share your thoughts with the other parents in the group, if you so wish. You will also be given take-home sheets with simple exercises and information to help you try your new strategies at home.

How long are the sessions and how many do I attend?
Triple P Parenting group sessions will take place two hours daily for one week.

Groups run throughout July and August at the Nicholas Mancini Centre.

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Triple P Positive Parenting Summer Program