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Corpus Christi students co-write children’s book

Two students from Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School are bringing to life a new book series thanks to the help of author and retired Chaplaincy Leader Peter Tassi.

The books follow the adventures of “Cane Boy,” an 11-year-old named Ben, who struggles at school with bullying. One day, Ben was gifted a special cane from a homeless angel that has the ability to make the world a better place.

“I wanted to tell the story of a normal kid who goes through the typical bullying and academic struggles in school,” said Tassi. “I think this is the story of a lot of kids. But, after Ben meets Mr. Augustine (the homeless angel), Ben becomes a superhero. Isn't it often the case that blessings come to us from the most unsuspecting places and at the most unexpected times?”

When it came to sitting down and writing the stories, Tassi knew he needed help from creative, enthusiastic young kids who could come up with great story lines.

“I approached Charlie Agro and he led me to his children, Chiara and Amadeo. What a blessing that was as they came up with so many great ideas to shape the first three books. They understand the trials and tribulations of young people and have a creative and compassionate approach to solutions.”

In book two, shaped by Amadeo, we learn more about Ben's superpowers and the lengths someone will go to, to help a friend. In book three, shaped by Chiara, we learn of Ben's affection for a girl in his class and how he truly understands and cares about any and all difficulties someone may be experiencing.

“With each story Chiara and Amadeo present the conflict and find resolution through Ben's superpowers and great character.”

“Although these stories are of a young boy with superpowers, acquired from his cane, each story has a spiritual lesson to it. It is more about the importance of great character.”

Book one: “A Wonderful Discovery” is available to purchase now: ...

Keep an eye out for book two: “A Wonderful Friend” and book three: “A Wonderful Scrunchie,” which will be available in the coming months.