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St. Mary students take vow of silence

“Silence is not only the absence of sound but the stillness of mind.”

On February 24th, 300 students at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School took part in a ‘We Are Silent’ campaign to raise money and awareness for the marginalized in our community whose voices often go unheard.

The students pledged to stay silent – including staying off social media – for 24 hours in solidarity with those without a voice. Proceeds from the event were donated to St. Patrick Parish’s DeMazenod Door, a downtown outreach that provides meals to 500 homeless people every day.

On March 9th, Bridget Saulnier and Sherri Ramirez from St. Patrick Parish joined staff and students at St. Mary CSS where a cheque for $3,985 was presented to the DeMazenod Door.

“Our 'We Are Silent' students put their faith into action by remaining silent, standing in solidarity with marginalized people in our community, and raising money for food for people in need,” commended Saulnier.

The ‘We Are Silent’ campaign began more than 20 years ago as a social justice and community education project at the school.

St. Mary students take vow of silence