Order in the Court

ORDER IN THE COURT! Students from St. Thomas More, St. Mary, and St. John Henry Newman Shine in Spring Mock Trials
Posted on 05/21/2024
Students standing in the court room

On Monday, May 6, 2024, the John Sopinka Courthouse buzzed with excitement as students from three Catholic high schools—St. Thomas More, St. Mary, and St. John Henry Newman—competed in the biannual Mock Trials. The event, organized by the Hamilton Justice Education Network (HJEN) in collaboration with the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN), showcased the legal skills and dedication of these young student lawyers.

Students from St. Thomas More took on the roles of the Defence Teams, while those from St. Mary and St. John Henry Newman represented the Crown Teams. The case at hand, R v Jones, revolved around a high school student accused of theft. Both sides demonstrated exceptional advocacy and collaboration in presenting their arguments. The trials concluded with a Not Guilty verdict in one case and a Hung Jury in the other, underscoring the complexity of the legal issues at play.

The success of the mock trials would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the participating law teachers. Special thanks go to Mrs. A. Leone (St. Thomas More), Mrs. M. McAuley (St. Mary), and Mr. D. Rimac (St. John Henry Newman).

Two students were honored with the prestigious HJEN Collegiality Award, which celebrates individuals who exemplify courtesy, respect, civility, cooperation, and professionalism—values that are fundamental to both the justice system and Canadian society. Eugenie Kaberuka from Cathedral received the award for the December 2023 Mock Trials. She served as a Crown lawyer, skillfully conducting cross-examinations of witnesses. Zoe Reed from St. Mary was recognized for her performance in the May 2024 Mock Trials. As the Crown witness Security Guard Fiona Lester, Zoe’s thorough preparation and detailed responses were outstanding.

The HJEN experiential mock trials provide a hands-on exhilarating learning opportunity for all student participants. The event not only enhanced their understanding of the legal system but also allowed them to develop crucial skills in advocacy, critical thinking, and public speaking.

Congratulations to all the students, teachers, and award winners for their hard work and impressive performances. The spirit of cooperation and dedication displayed at the trials exemplifies the promising futures of our students in the legal profession.

students in the courtroom students dressed in court attireStudents in the court room

Zoe Reed, St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, receiving the Collegiality Award during this semester's Experiential Mock Trials. 

Students dressed in gowns and ready for trial STM students sitting in the court room smilingstudents sitting in the court room student receiving the Collegiality Award

Justice Lauren Bale of the Superior Court of Justice presenting Eugenie Kaberuka, Cathedral High School, with the Collegiality Award. 


St. Thomas More Students:

Olivia Clarke (Judge), Valerie Emery (Court Clerk), Fia Mathew (Lawyer), Zyasia Fletcher (Lawyer), Isabella Moro (Lawyer), Samira Abo-Izneid (Lawyer), Milania Bozzo (Accused)

Nathan Brown (Judge), Monique Maritim (Court Clerk), Keera Matijasich (Lawyer) Sara Caplette DaSilva (Lawyer), Ayanna Addo (Lawyer), Mason Giovannangeli (Lawyer), Stella Amoah (Accused), Isabella Mayne (Witness)


St. Mary Students:

James Robinson (Judge), Sara Ama Orji (Court Clerk), Maggie Sheahan (Lawyer), Ryan Perkins (Lawyer), David Gilmore (Lawyer), Vanessa Morfaw (Lawyer) Zoe Reed (Witness)


St. John Henry Newman Students:

Julian Presta (Judge), Adrian Casanova (Court Clerk), Arianna Gonzalez-Lopez  (Witness)

Rihanna Spence (Witness), Victoria Accad (Lawyer), Marko Prawak (Lawyer), Mia Mrakuzic (Lawyer), John Gillis (Lawyer)