Hamilton's Best Dance Crew

Hamilton's Best Dance Crew: Celebrating Excellence in Dance
Posted on 06/17/2024
Members of the Dance Crew

On June 10th, Glendale Secondary School hosted the Hamilton’s Best Dance Crew (HBDC) competition, a thrilling showcase of talent and dedication from local schools. Participants included Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School, St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School, Saint John Henry Newman Catholic Secondary School, and St. Joachim Catholic Elementary School. Each school brought their best to the stage, culminating in a series of impressive wins:

• Bishop Tonnos C.S.S: Hamilton’s Best Elite Dance Crew 2024
St. Thomas More C.S.S: Hamilton’s Best Newbie Dance Crew 2024
Saint John Henry Newman C.S.S: 1st Runner-Up Hamilton’s Best Newbie Dance Crew
• St. Joachim Catholic Elementary School: Hamilton’s Best Elementary Dance Crew 2024

Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School:

• Coaches: Amelia Licatalosi, Alyssa Berardocco
• Captains: Francesca Agro, Desi Savidis

The Bishop Tonnos Dance Team, led by Coaches Amelia Licatalosi and Alyssa Berardocco, has shown remarkable dedication and talent this season. Starting with auditions in September that attracted over 60 students, the team has not only competed but also performed at various school events, including sporting events.

At the HBDC competition, the Bishop Tonnos team showcased five routines, all student-choreographed, featuring three small groups and two large lines consisting of 29 dancers each. The leadership and choreographic skills of captains Francesca Agro and Desi Savidis were particularly noteworthy.

The team’s exceptional performance earned them numerous accolades:

• 1st Overall Elite Extended/Mega Line
• 2nd Overall Elite Small Group
• Hamilton’s Best Elite Dance Crew Winner for 2024!
• Judges’ Choice Awards:
"Special Dancers Award," "Technique & Passion Award," Best Student Choreography, and Best Costuming.

Reflecting on her experience, Desi Savidis, a Grade 12 student and team captain, shared, "Being on BT’s dance team has been incredible. I've formed lasting friendships and honed my skills in teamwork and discipline. The dance team has given me a place to express my love for dance and create cherished memories that will last long after graduation."

Francesca Agro, also a Grade 12 student and team captain, added, "Dance team has been a wonderful outlet for sharing our passion for dance with our peers, especially since we don't have a formal dance program at the school. Performing at assemblies, pep rallies, and competitions has been a highlight of our year."

Coaches Licatalosi and Berardocco expressed immense pride in their team’s hard work and are already looking forward to the next season.

Dancers on stage Dancers performing on stageBT dancers performing on stage


St. Thomas More C.S.S:
Coaches: Graziella Violi & Andrea Baiardo
• First year as a team and their first year competing
• A huge accomplishment for them, most of these students have never been on a stage before
• Their hard work and dedication have paid off, their coaches are proud of their growth and accomplishments this season.
• 1st Overall Newbie Small Group
• 1st Overall Newbie Large Group
• Hamilton's Best Newbie Dance Crew for 2024
• Special Awards: recognized for outstanding expression & artistic expression
Newman was also at the competition and placed 1st Runner-up for Hamilton’s Best Newbie Dance Crew. (All HWCDSB schools that attended the competition were title winners).

St Joachim Catholic Elementary School
Teacher Advisors: Kailee Orgar & Meaghan Gallagher
Entered 3 group routines, one of which was student choreographed (which is impressive for this young group of dancers), as well as solos and duets.
• 1st Overall Elite Elementary Group
• Choregraphy Award
• Eliana Coccia placed 2nd Overall for her Jazz Solo and received two judges’ choice awards for “overall excellence” and “passion and technique”.
• Savannah Gallagher placed 1st Overall for her Lyrical Solo, she also received a judges’ choice award and an award for “most potential”.
• Alexis Sinuita was recognized for “best technique” for her contemporary solo.
• Alexis and Katie Sinuita won 1st Overall Elementary Duet/Trio
Hamilton's Best Elementary Dance Crew for the second year in a row!

Elementary dancers performing on stage

Dancers on the stage Overall winners of the competitionDancers holding sign on stage