Student Leaders Honoured at Director's Breakfast

Student Leaders Honoured at Director's Breakfast
Posted on 06/24/2024
Student Leaders group photo

Earlier this month, the Student Council Presidents and Student Trustees were honoured at a special breakfast hosted by Director of Education, David Hansen and Superintendent of Education, Julie Angiolillo to celebrate their exemplary service and commitment to student leadership. This annual event provided a meaningful opportunity for all to come together and reflect on their God-given gifts and talents and past year's achievements.

The student council presidents were Matthew Atme from Bishop Tonnos CSS, Lily Tyrell from Cathedral High School, Alyssia Perri (student trustee) from St. Thomas More CSS, Isabella Cinelli from Bishop Ryan CSS, Makayla Uhm from St. John Henry Newman CSS, Zizi Slman from St. Jean de Brébeuf CSS, Noah Canzio from St. Mary CSS, and Jeleina Rasiah (student trustee) from St. John Henry Newman CSS. Each student leader received a plaque from the Director of Education, recognizing their contributions to their respective school communities.

During breakfast, the students shared their experiences and insights from their time serving on student council and/or as student trustee. They discussed ways to support student faith formation and shared their accomplishments. Additionally, they shared their plans for post-secondary education and future endeavors.

The breakfast served as a thank-you and prayerful best wishes to the presidents, student trustees, and staff advisors for their commitment to student leadership and the difference they have made in each of their school communities.

Group photo of Student trustees

Student Trustee receiving her plaque Student President receiving his plaque Student President receiving his plaque