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Swimming Schedule

Printed: 2023-03-28 7:38:56 AM

Date/Time Score Away Home Score Location
OFSAA - Please see HWCDSB Website

Swimming Standings

Printed: 2023-03-28 7:38:56 AM

Place Team Games
Wins Losses Ties For Against PTS
Numbers shown in brackets ( ) are Points/Sets FOR and AGAINST between teams tied in LEAGUE POINTS who have played each other. Max differentials apply.
For Volleyball, sets are only shown on printable standings. Please see the website for sets and points.
Teams that are completely tied (after max differentials are applied) are denoted by T+number. Eg. Teams with T1 are tied. Teams with T2 are tied.

Swimming Rules

GHAC Swimming Information

GHAC Swimming Information


Cathedral student encourages others to get in the swim of school life

In this latest student voice video, Cathedral student Emma Hornby shares her passion for swimming. In the pool Emma is able to clear her mind of issues happening in her life and focus on the simple things … like the sound of her body propelling through the water under her own steam.

Swimming not only makes Emma feel good about herself physically and mentally, but has enabled her to realize the joys of being part of a team. From the care and commitment of her coaches and the chance to work with others in pursuit of a shared goal, to meeting other students who are not part of her regular circle, to just plain having fun, Emma’s school life has been enriched by her extracurricular experience.

Emma’s activity of choice is swimming, but her message applies to any school sport or club.

The point is for each student to find his or her own passion in life.

Participate. Get in the swim of things.

Athletics at HWCDSB

Play on Turf!

Play on Turf!

Rent an HWCDSB Turf Field today.

- Never get cancelled because of rain!
- Extend your season – Open from late March to early December!
- Play until 11pm – Full lighting systems at all turf fields!
- Washroom and staff person on site for all rentals!

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