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Student Mental Health and Well-being
Student Mental Health Parent/Caregiver Newsletter

Student Mental Health Parent/Caregiver Newsletter

After an unprecedented and challenging year, summer is finally upon us. Although we’re all looking forward to the summer holidays, we know that the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of our children and youth will continue to be felt for a long time.

To provide parents/caregivers in the HWCDSB community with ongoing support, the HWCDSB’s mental health team has created a newsletter (pdf download below) which focuses on resources and support for students through the summer months, and for the transition back to school in September. Some key highlights include:
• Activities to support your child’s mental health and wellness
• How to access social work services for student in the summer
• Summer group offerings for students
• Emotion Coaching for Parents/Caregivers
• Crisis Resources
• Community mental health resources
• Personal resiliency tips

Need a Social Worker?

Our dedicated team of Social Workers are available to support students during the summer. Please call 905-525-2930, ext. 2880 for more information.

HWCDSB Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan 2020-2021

HWCDSB Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan 2020-2021

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

During these challenging times, you may be worried about your child(ren)’s mental health and well-being. You may notice that they are anxious or unsettled, and perhaps have told you that they are worried about someone in the family getting the virus. They may be confused about why usual activities are disrupted or may be disappointed to miss something that they were looking forward to. All of these things are very natural at this uncertain time. If you need resources on supporting your child(ren) during this time, the following resources may provide more support to you.

Hamilton Health Sciences Back To School Video Series
McMaster Children’s Hospital - The Other Side of COVID-19
Child and Youth Mental Health During COVID-19
Supporting Mental Health and Wellness During the Return to School
CMHO – Back to School Mental Health Kit
COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub
A Suicide Prevention Guide for Parents and Families During COVID-19 and Return to School
Students Guide to Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - Talking to Children about Covid-19 and Its Impact
Coping With COVID-19: guide to help children cope through self-regulation

Noticing Mental Health Issues

Noticing Mental Health Issues

Preamble - Sometimes, despite your best efforts, children and youth will struggle with their emotions, thoughts, or behaviours. Knowing the signs of difficulty and getting help early can make all the difference. If you need support on noticing mental health concerns in your child(ren), these resources may offer some additional assistance.

Noticing mental health concerns in your child
Your Child’s Mental Wellness and Remote Learning
Canadian Mental Health Association
Be There for Yourself
Be There
Be There in a Crisis
Prepare; Prevent; Respond: Quick Reference for Youth Suicide Prevention
School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario works with school districts across Ontario to support student mental health. Evidence-based resources and information can be found below.

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