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Student Mental Health and Well-being

Current Summer Programs

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Summer Program 2022

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Summer Program 2022

The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board Child and Youth Workers are facilitating social-emotional learning (SEL) evidence-based groups to assist students and parents in developing and strengthening the skills required in building positive relationships and learning effective problem-solving strategies consistent with our Catholic teachings and the view that all children should be treated with dignity as they are each created in the image of God.

All of the HWCDSB groups are evidence informed and will be available for students throughout July and August 2022. Registration is open until June 30, 2022.


Summer groups for students

Girls in Real Life Situations
– In this group, girls are given the opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, understand that they are not alone, and learn to make healthy decisions (Grades 4-6 & 7-8)

Building Champions – The group lessons cover the following topics: Goal Setting, Integrity and Respect, Relationships, Leadership and Teamwork, Self-Control, Confidence, Being a Good Sport (Grades 4-6 & 7-8)

Salvaging Sisterhood – is a group curriculum designed to teach girls how to effectively communicate with one another, as opposed to about one another. It explores the important dynamics of female friendships and is designed to develop empathy and strong sense of self (Grades 6-8)

Dove Self-Esteem Group – For girls, building self-esteem and body confidence can be an ongoing journey. The Dove Self-Esteem Project is an evidence-based group for girls on the key topics that can impact a young person’s self-esteem and body image (Grades 4-6 & 7-8)

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Triple P Positive Parenting Summer Program

Triple P Positive Parenting Summer Program

A child who melts down in the supermarket. One who won’t go to bed without a fight. The child who is always disobedient, or the one who bites, hits or fights.

Sound familiar?

If your child fits any of these descriptions, Triple P Discussion Groups can help.

Triple P Discussion Groups are short, small group sessions that offer parents practical evidence informed strategies for tackling specific challenging behaviours and align with strategies used in HWCDSB classrooms.

What are Triple P programs?
These small group sessions are run by a trained Triple P provider and bring together approximately 10-12 parents experiencing similar parenting issues.

What happens at the summer groups?
In a relaxed group session, your facilitator will provide you with tips and suggestions for dealing with your child’s challenging behaviour. You will see short video clips showing other parents successfully dealing with the same issue and you will be invited to share your thoughts with the other parents in the group, if you so wish. You will also be given take-home sheets with simple exercises and information to help you try your new strategies at home.

How long are the sessions and how many do I attend?
Triple P Parenting group sessions will take place two hours daily for one week.

Groups run throughout July and August at the Nicholas Mancini Centre.

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Back to School Mental Health Kit 2021-2022

Back to School Mental Health Kit 2021-2022

Your Mental Health Matters!

Good mental health is something we all want for ourselves, our friends, our family and others in our community. Just like we care for our physical health, there are things we need to do to stay mentally healthy.

HWCDSB Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan 2021-2022

HWCDSB Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan 2021-2022

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

During these challenging times, you may be worried about your child(ren)’s mental health and well-being. You may notice that they are anxious or unsettled, and perhaps have told you that they are worried about someone in the family getting the virus. They may be confused about why usual activities are disrupted or may be disappointed to miss something that they were looking forward to. All of these things are very natural at this uncertain time. If you need resources on supporting your child(ren) during this time, the following resources may provide more support to you.

Hamilton Health Sciences Back To School Video Series
McMaster Children’s Hospital - The Other Side of COVID-19
Child and Youth Mental Health During COVID-19
Supporting Mental Health and Wellness During the Return to School
CMHO – Back to School Mental Health Kit
COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub
A Suicide Prevention Guide for Parents and Families During COVID-19 and Return to School
Students Guide to Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) - Talking to Children about Covid-19 and Its Impact
Coping With COVID-19: guide to help children cope through self-regulation

Noticing Mental Health Issues

Noticing Mental Health Issues

Preamble - Sometimes, despite your best efforts, children and youth will struggle with their emotions, thoughts, or behaviours. Knowing the signs of difficulty and getting help early can make all the difference. If you need support on noticing mental health concerns in your child(ren), these resources may offer some additional assistance.

Noticing mental health concerns in your child
Your Child’s Mental Wellness and Remote Learning
Canadian Mental Health Association
Be There for Yourself
Be There
Be There in a Crisis
Prepare; Prevent; Respond: Quick Reference for Youth Suicide Prevention
School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario works with school districts across Ontario to support student mental health. Evidence-based resources and information can be found below.

Parents and Families