Passport to Grade 9


The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, through its St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education Program, has developed an orientation program to welcome and support students entering Grade 9 in September.

Passport to Grade 9 is a two-day immersive experience introducing students to daily high school life and routine. For two full days students will be participating in activities to help ease the transition to the high school experience and provide them with the knowledge and skills to attain success in both their learning and growth in all aspects of life and faith.

The program is taught by fully qualified teachers and focuses on preparing our new Grade 9 students for the major differences between their elementary experience and their upcoming secondary school journey.

Passport to Grade 9 is a two-day program which includes the following:

- An opportunity to learn about the new learning environment and what it has to offer

- A chance to find your classes, locker and timetable with support from staff

- Time to ask questions about what to expect in grade 9 and learn about how the school day flows

- Fun activities and an opportunity to meet new people from other feeder schools

- Development of learning skills and work habits

- Learn more about educational pathways

- The distinctiveness of Catholic schools and the integration of the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations

- Orientation assembly on Day 2

"Registration For Passport to Grade 9 has officially closed and all spots have been filled.

All Grade 9 students are welcome to attend their school specific orientation (no registration required) on the afternoon of Wednesday August 30th Contact your school or see your school logo below for information."

Dates & Times
Tuesday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 30, 2023
8:30am – 1:30pm

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PLEASE NOTE: Students who attend the Passport to Grade 9 program attend the secondary schools’ specific orientation during Day 2 of the program. Your high school may send you information about this. Please know Passport to Grade 9 and orientation are different.


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Questions & Answers (Q&A)


What is the difference between Passport to Grade 9 and Grade 9 Orientation?

Passport to Grade 9 is a two-day program that allows incoming grade 9 students the chance to explore their new environment, meet new people and learn more about high school life. Staff will provide students with a ‘snapshot’ of the high school experience and help them navigate finding their classes, lockers, timetables and share tips to help them be successful as they transition to grade 9.

Grade 9 Orientation is a school specific event open to all new grade 9 students. The orientation is a presentation run by the secondary school. This presentation introduces the grade 9 to the administration, teachers and other mentor groups such as student council or Prefect Council members. Students who attend the Passport to Grade 9 program attend the orientation during Day 2 of the program.

Each school runs orientation differently you must refer to the school website for specific information but most schools will run a site tour, host guidance appointments or they may have a BBQ. If you wish to attend the Grade 9 Orientation and NOT Passport to Grade 9, please refer to your school website to find out if separate registration is required.

What to bring?

Students must bring a lunch, snacks, water bottle, writing material(pencils/pens), school timetable if they have it already

What to wear?

Appropriate attire for school setting, UNIFORM NOT REQUIRED these two days, running shoes for activities

Who teaches the Passport to Grade 9 program?

Teachers from across the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School board work at the Passport to Grade 9 program. Oftentimes, it includes staff who teach at the specific school, as well as teachers who work at feeder schools.

Do I have to register for the program?

Yes! Registration is necessary. If you show up to the program in August without registering, we may not be able to accommodate you due to class sizes. Register now to ensure your spot.

What if I am not sure about the program or whether I can attend for certain?

We would suggest registering so that you can reserve a spot in the program. If your situation changes and you are no longer able to attend, please email Stefanie DiSimoni ([email protected]) and Jenna Frank ([email protected])

How do I register?

To register for the program, please click on the banner located on the main page. Should you need more support, please ask your grade 8 teacher for support in registering.

How do I know I’m registered?

When you complete the registration form in full, you will receive a confirmation email.

When will I know which class I’m in for the program?

You will receive an email from your teacher for the program the day before it begins on Monday, August 28, 2023.

Can I be in the same class as my friend from elementary school?

Unfortunately, we cannot take requests for class assignments. You will still have opportunities to see your friends at various points in the day, even if you aren’t in the same class. Embrace the opportunity to meet new people.