Communication - Language Impairment

Ministry Criteria

A learning disorder characterized by an impairment in comprehension and/or use of verbal communication or the written or other symbol system of communication, which may be associated with neurological, psychological, physical or sensory factors, and which may:

  • involve one or more of the form, content and function of language in communication;
  • include one or more of the following:
    • language delay
    • dysfluency
    • voice and articulation development, which may or may not be organically or functionally based.


Board Criteria

The student displays a moderate to severe delay in receptive and/or expressive language development (at or below the 8th percentile) which is not due to a mild intellectual disability, a developmental disability or cultural/linguistic differences.

The Difference Between Speech and Language



A written report from a Speech-Language Pathologist who is a member of the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists which describes the nature and severity of the language impairment.


A written report from a member of the College of Psychologists (or an individual directly supervised by a member) which indicates that intellectual functioning is within normal limits.


Our Resources

What services are available at school for my child?

The Board employs Speech Language Pathologists who consult to schools to support students with communication problems.

The Board also offers a specific short term program to support children who have identified speech and/or language needs. This is the Primary Speech and Language Centre. See document below for details:

PSLC Brochure 2023


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Contact Information

Who can I talk to about Speech Language Pathology services for my child?

You can ask the Principal of your child’s school, your child’s teacher, or the school Special Education Resource Teacher about how to access services. Or, you can contact

J. Robin Jun, M.Sc., CCC-SLP, reg. CASLPO
Manager of Speech, Language and Hearing Services
905-525-2930 ext.2890
[email protected]