St. Mary student awarded Canada’s largest ...

St. Mary student awarded Canada’s largest undergraduate scholarship
Posted on 06/28/2023
Amelie ZahorukTotal shock.

When you just find out you’ve been awarded a Schulich Leader Scholarship worth $100,000, shock seems like the appropriate response.

Next... gratitude, said recipient Amelie Zahoruk from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School.

As Canada’s most coveted undergraduate scholarships, the Schulich Leader Scholarships were established by Canadian philanthropist Seymour Schulich in 2012 for students entering Science, Technology, Engineering or Math undergraduate programs at participating universities across Canada. The program ensures that Canada’s top minds entering STEM disciplines will become the next generation of technology innovators.

“This is an achievement that was only possible thanks to all the support I have been blessed with in my life – my teachers, my family, my guidance counsellor, my conductors, and my friends,” Zahoruk. “And of course, I am grateful for Mr. Seymour Schulich’s generous donations, which have created this wonderful community of leaders that I am now a part of.”

Every high school in Canada can nominate one graduating student each year to apply for the scholarship. Only 100 are chosen from among 1,500 applications nationwide. Offers are based on four criteria: academics (90%+); leadership and creativity; entrepreneurship; and intent to pursue a career in tech, engineering, entrepreneurship and business enterprise, or applied scientific research.

“This group of outstanding students will represent the best and brightest Canada has to offer and will make great contributions to society, both on a national and global scale,” said Schulich. “They are the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators.”

In the fall, Zahoruk will be attending McMaster University for Honours Integrated Science.

“We are so proud of Amelie here at St. Mary for winning this prestigious award,” said nominator and Guidance Counsellor Jamie Girolametto.

“Amelie is a consistent high 90% student. Her academic success is a major reason for her nomination. But just as important as her grades is the maturity and leadership that she displays here within our school and community. She is a highly driven student with the goal of ‘changing the field of chemistry, and in turn, changing the world.’”

Before she can change the world, Zahoruk is still gripping with the idea that this scholarship will change her life.

Amelie Zahoruk with award and group“I am so thankful to have been given such an opportunity, that I was fortunate enough to have my hard work both recognized and rewarded,” she said.

“Being given the honour of becoming a Schulich Leader has changed entirely how I will be able to approach both school and life over the next four years and beyond that. This scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies, so I am able to truly dedicate myself to learning and creating change through my education.”

Though she doesn’t have exact plans for her future, she hopes to create change within the field of chemistry, working in applied research.

“With this support system, I know I will be able to effectively work towards my purpose.”

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