St. Bernadette students raise funds for Mac

St. Bernadette students raise funds for McMaster Children’s Hospital
Posted on 09/14/2023
Students hold up a cheque for McMaster Children's Hospital

On Labour Day, a lemonade stand run by a group of St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School students provided not only a sweet treat to customers, but support to sick children in the city.

The “Back to Cool” stand was initiated by friends and siblings and included grade 4 students Elizabeth Ng and Clara Paliga, grade 2 students Ethan Paliga and Georgie Ng, grade 1 student Alexa Ng, and kindergarten student Amelia Paliga.

In addition to selling fresh lemonade, cookies and lemon sponge cakes to those stopping by on foot, a ‘drive by’ service was offered where treats were handed through a car window for those on the move.

“The kids wanted to run a lemonade stand that would bring the community together at the end of the summer and benefit other children in need - a lesson they learnt early on at St. Bernadette,” said parents Eleanor Ng and Nara Paliga.

In total, the stand raised $1,076 with proceeds benefiting the Child Life team at the McMaster Children’s Hospital.

“They send a big ‘thank you’ to all the friends, family, neighbours and classmates who joined the fun and donated generously. It is hoped that this will inspire other children to think of their wider community too.”

Students hold up cheque for McMaster Children's Hospital
From left: Amelia Paliga, Elizabeth Ng, Ethan Paliga, Clara Paliga, Alexa Ng, and Georgie Ng