Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week
Posted on 10/08/2023
Fire Prevention Poster

This week is Fire Prevention Week. Did you know cooking fires remain a leading cause of home fires and injuries? It is essential for everyone to be informed about proactive safety measures.

This year's theme, "Cooking Safety Starts with You," emphasizes the crucial role that individuals play in preventing kitchen fires and promoting safe cooking practices.

The Hamilton Fire Department has shared some important tips for cooking safely:

  • Never leave cooking unattended: If you need to step away from the kitchen, make sure to turn off the cooking appliance.Wear appropriate clothing: Always wear short or tight-fitting sleeves while cooking to prevent clothing from catching fire.
  • Use extinguishers wisely: Never use water to extinguish a grease fire. Purchase a ULC listed multi-purpose fire extinguisher and learn how to use it. This preparation can make a difference in case of an emergency.
  • Stay attentive: Whether simmering or baking, set timers for foods with longer cook times and keep a close eye on your cooking.
  • Turn pot handles and create a safe zone: Turn pot handles away from the stove's edge and establish a "kid and pet free zone" around the cooking area.
  • Create a “kid and pet free zone”: Allow at least three feet (one meter) around the cooking area and anywhere else hot food or drink is prepared or carried.
  • Keep a lid handy: Always keep a large lid within reach while cooking. In case of a pot catching fire, slide the lid over the pot and turn off the stove.

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