Winter Wonderland for All

"Winter Wonderland for All” is a huge success at Corpus Christi CES.
Posted on 12/11/2023
Students from Corpus Cristi CESStudent council members answered the call to collect warm winter accessories for Wilma’s Place with an exciting display for all to see. For the past two weeks, the staff and students at Corpus Christi school have been donating warm winter accessories such as mitts, scarves, wool hats, socks, and underwear to help bring some extra warmth to students at Wilma’s Place.

Corpus Christi’s student council is composed of ten intermediate students who bring excitement, energy, and lasting memories to the school. This small group of future leaders are nothing short of a vibrant and powerful group of students with a clear vision to help those in need. These students have the remarkable ability to turn a small idea into an enormous success.

During one of their weekly meetings, the council members discussed collecting socks and mitts and donating them to a local charity in need. They were unsure which charity needed the items the most. Well, their idea was brought into full fruition when a staff member at Wilma’s Place coincidentally emailed the principal, Mrs. Varrasso, requesting some specific items to help fill their cupboards. It was then that the members became inspired to collect as many items as they could. They would use these items to build a snowman family scene in the window of the learning commons. This “Winter Wonderland” scene would serve as living proof that if every person can donate a little, it can make an enormous difference.

The council worked tirelessly sharing exciting announcements and making impressive posts for our school’s Instagram. As they collaborated, they created the slogan “Winter Wonderland for All.” Within a few days, the students were thrilled to witness the tremendous success of their recent idea. Thanks to the incredible dedication and hard work of the student council, our community came together to make this warm winter wear collection a triumph. The generosity of the school community makes coming to school for staff and students a blessed experience.

The student council had a small goal and hoped that their school of 400 plus students would bring in at least 1000 items; however, what they received was nothing short of a miracle. In total they received over 2500 items to be humbly donated to Wilma’s Place. Any extra items not needed at Wilma’s Place can be shared with the Annex.

The student council is already working on their next community initiative. The school is collecting gift cards for their “Gift Card Campaign” in support of sponsoring eighteen local families for Christmas.

The student council advisors are extremely grateful for the efforts of their dedicated ten members. It was clear that this was a momentous success. The students had a genuine purpose in helping to make their community a little merrier and brighter, and along the way they created a lasting memory for all students to see.
Window with snowmen wearing donated clothingStudent Council members Students in classroom Four students surrounded by snowmen