Lunchtime Law School

Lawyers Alumni Serve Legal Insight in STM's Lunchtime Law School
Posted on 12/21/2023
Students at STM enjoy Lunchtime Law School with former alumni

A flavourful dose of jurisprudence took center stage at St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School as STM Alumni and Hamilton-based Criminal Defence Lawyers, Alexandra and Cristina Valeri (Class of 2011), delivered a lunch-time presentation.

The session, open to all STM students and backed by the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program, saw the Lawyer Alumni challenging students with Christmas-themed legal scenarios exploring Criminal Law and Charter Rights. Beyond the theoretical, both lawyers expressed their commitment to providing students with practical learning experiences that complement traditional classroom teachings.

Andrea Leone, their former grade-12 law teacher and current STM law teacher, commended the Valeri sisters for their remarkable dedication to the STM community. Leone stated, “I am so very proud of Alex and Cristina Valeri. Having taught them in grade twelve, and now seeing them thriving as respected lawyers and contributing back to the STM community fills me with hope that nothing is beyond the reach of our current students.”

The Lawyer Alumni found themselves impressed by the overwhelming interest in their presentation, which drew a packed audience in the Lecture Hall. They appreciated the enthusiasm and insight displayed by students through their questions, with one of them expressing, “It is always great to be back home at STM! There were definitely some future lawyers and other legal professionals in the making in the room today!”

Lunchtime Law School, an initiative fostering student engagement in the study of law, partners with professionals in the legal community and offers reach-ahead opportunities for SHSM students. The teachers affirmed that the session was well received by students, who relished the hands-on lunch and learning opportunity, making it a valuable addition to their educational experience.

STM students participating in the Lunchtime Law School, smiling and meeting the guest speakers.