Emotional Coaching Webinar

Emotion Coaching Webinar for Parents and Caregivers
Posted on 01/12/2024
Parent meditating

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is jointly offering a 90-minute Emotion Coaching webinar for parents and caregivers. This webinar aims to introduce participants to Emotion Coaching, a communication strategy that can rapidly calm the brain in just 60 seconds and enhance relationships. Emotion Coaching involves two key steps: validation, where individuals express understanding of someone's emotions, thoughts, or actions, and support, where emotional and practical assistance is provided through various strategies such as reassurance, limit-setting, redirection, collaborative problem-solving, and skill teaching. Additionally, attendees have the option to further their learning by joining a 6-week parent/caregiver group.

The webinars cover essential topics such as an introduction to Emotion Coaching, its potential for improving relationships, understanding the role of emotions, connecting Emotion Coaching to neuroscience, and reviewing different Emotion Coaching approaches. The sessions also include experiential learning and exercises to reinforce understanding. Interested individuals can register for the 90-minute webinars and the six-week parent/caregiver group. Please see the attached flyer for details.

Emotion Coaching Webinar for Parents and Caregivers Flyer