Flood Watch – Watercourse Flooding

Flood Watch – Watercourse Flooding
Posted on 01/25/2024
FloodingEffective until Friday, January 26, 2024 – The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is advising that water levels and flows in all area watercourses are expected to increase significantly, as a result of the rain and snowmelt forecasted for January 24 and 25. Localized watercourse flooding of low-lying areas that typically flood during higher water levels is expected. 
Forecasts anticipate the potential for watercourse flooding, as significant amounts of rain runoff may occur given the mostly frozen soil conditions within the watershed. Over January 24, the Hamilton area is expected to receive between 6 and 19 mm of combined rain and snowmelt, according to recent local weather forecasts.  Today January 25, the Hamilton area is expected to receive between 10 and 24 mm of combined rain and snowmelt. 
HCA wishes to remind residents to exercise caution near all water bodies and structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams during this time. Above normal water levels, faster moving water, rapidly changing levels and flows, unsafe ice, and slippery banks may pose significant hazards. Adults are advised to keep children and pets away from water bodies.

Current water levels and flows in area watercourses are slightly elevated above baseflows, and there are no flooding concerns or public safety concerns at current conditions.