HWCDSB United Way employee campaign

HWCDSB United Way employee campaign highlights “the power of one”
Posted on 02/02/2024
Little girl holding red balloon

Campaign runs February 1 to February 29, 2024

One person’s actions can change the lives of many.

As many individuals, families and organizations continue to face unimaginable challenges, programs and services supported by the United Way of Halton & Hamilton are essential to help so many rebuild and recover.

“Nothing Matters More” is not only the theme of our in-house employee campaign but the intended outcome of the United Way’s community campaign. Thanks to community support, United Way Halton & Hamilton were able to assist more than 205,300 people who reached out for help last year. This year, the need is even greater.

Over the next four weeks, staff can make a monetary contribution through online employee donations and special fundraising activities in support of the United Way. Our goal this year is to expand our donor base by one person at each school.

“Please do whatever you can to help as these funds go to our community, to our students, and to our families,” said Director of Education David Hansen.
“There is no doubt that we are better and stronger together, you will make an impact, and nothing matters more right now than making that impact,” he added.

When you give to the United Way, you are helping to ensure that those who are most vulnerable can access critical support that provides them with food and other life necessities. From there, they can link to employment programs, job coaching, financial literacy, and mental health supports.

“The United Way is important to sustaining others to achieve their maximum potential, helping families get ahead, and assuring that basic needs are being met. In doing so, it helps to provide tools to develop safe and thriving communities and neighbourhoods,” remarked campaign co-chair Tracey Brown.

‘Nothing Matters More’ – this year’s campaign theme – is also essential to supporting students in our own system through educational and after-school programs.

“We know that through our campaign, our monetary contributions to the United Way will definitely make a difference in improving the lives of children, families and members of our community,” added co-chair Paul Di Ianni.

We know that when basic needs are taken care of, people have the capacity to build skills and resources so they can prepare for a better future. And that contributes to healthy people and strong communities.
It begins with one person, one act of “local love.”

Please give generously.

The United Way employee giving campaign runs from Thursday, February 1, to Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Please see video below:

Little girl holding a red balloon