Students Experience AI at the TLC

Students Experience Artificial Intelligence at the Technology Learning Centre
Posted on 04/11/2024
Students sitting in their desks as the Special Ed Resource teacher instructs

Junior and Intermediate Gifted students enjoyed a day at the Technology Learning Centre (TLC) at St. Ann Catholic Elementary School, Hamilton.

Led by Michelle Kiely, the Special Education Resource Teacher at the TLC, students explored different AI tools and how they enhance overall work output by individuals. Lively discussions on the ethics of AI use, both on social media and at school, engaged everyone. Questions such as "But what if I made the AI tool and then used it? Wouldn't I then own the work generated by the AI?" and "If I keep editing it, wouldn't I then own it?" prompted thoughtful reflections. They utilized AI tools, such as Canva, to create their own posters advocating for the proper use of Artificial Intelligence.

The students also had an eye-opening experience when tasked with using their new knowledge to identify AI-generated visuals versus actual photos of people or objects. They had to employ their media and technical knowledge to critically analyze the images. When examining an image of a frog, students noticed that the patterns of spotting were too symmetrical. In contrast, when observing the AI image of the Titanic, they instantly recognized that it was in colour, although some also pointed out other inconsistencies.

By the end of the day, students learned to appreciate work created by their own hands and minds while also understanding the synergy between computer-generated and personally created pieces of art, literature, or technology.

Students sitting in their desks as they listen to the teacher Students listening and watching intently as the Special Ed teacher instructs front of class