Bishop Crosby Catholic Education Week 2024 Message

Bishop Crosby Catholic Education Week 2024 Message
Posted on 04/30/2024
Bishop Crosby



The theme for Catholic Education Week this year is, “We are called to love." The First Letter of St. John reminds us that, “If we love one another, God lives in us.” (1 John 4:12) This moment in Catholic Education invites us to reflect on our dignity as God's beloved children.

In his Apostolic Letter, Christus Vivit, Pope Francis shares the heart of the Christian message with young people by stating, "God loves you. Never doubt this, whatever may happen to you in life. At every moment, you are infinitely loved." (CV, 112) This message is a beacon of hope for young people in today's world. Our Catholic Schools each day proclaim the truth of God's infinite love for every child, every parent, and every educator growing in unity with Jesus Christ. Our Catholic Schools are conduits of love - accompanying each young person towards a greater understanding of identity, purpose and mission, nurturing future leaders of our Church and our world.

Each year we are proud to highlight the goodness taking place in our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Hamilton. Videos, photos and witness statements are shared to showcase the value that is Catholic Education in the life of the Diocese. This year is no exception. What we capture is always remarkable - reflections of the endless love of God alive in the hallways, the classrooms, and the sports fields. The love of God is everywhere and roots our education systems, our ways of teaching, and walking with young people and families to fullness in learning and faith. There is much to celebrate and to be thankful for during Catholic Education Week. I encourage you to take part! Think of an educator, a leader in learning, or a peer in the classroom, and thank that person for being an image of God's love for you today. Gratitude underlies love, it is the ultimate virtue.

Dear leaders in Catholic education: priests of our diocese, pastoral leaders, chaplaincy leaders, trustees, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and guardians, your efforts do not go unnoticed! I know you do great and ambitious things out of love for our students. It is through your leadership and determination that seeds of faith and goodness are planted in the hearts of our children each day. Thank you for your witness to the joy of knowing and serving the Lord – it is through your example that others will come to know the heart of God.

I wish you the very best for a good and blessed celebration of Catholic Education Week!

Douglas Crosby, OMI
(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton

Bishop Crosby Catholic Education Week 2024 Message