St. Ann CES Grade 8 Entrepreneurs

St. Ann (Ancaster) Catholic Elementary School Grade 8 Entrepreneurs: Making Waves with 'Surf's Up Beach Party
Posted on 04/25/2024
Grade 8 Students of St. Ann CES with teacher and principal

St. Ann Catholic Elementary School in Ancaster recently celebrated a significant milestone in the academic journey of its Grade 8 students with the launch and presentation of their entrepreneurial project, "Surf's Up Beach Party," under the banner of their company, Calibunga. This endeavor was not only a testament to their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit but also served as a means to support their Grade 8 graduation celebration, marking the end of a chapter at St. Ann CES before moving on to high school.

Led by teacher Donna Stampone and volunteer Justina Ciccarelli, students unveiled their impressive accomplishments, marking the culmination of their efforts. Beginning in January 2024, students delved into a comprehensive business startup process. From crafting resumes to conducting interviews for specific roles, they gained firsthand insights into the world of entrepreneurship. This immersive experience prepared them for the upcoming event scheduled for May 9th.

The "Surf's Up Beach Party" promises to be a fun-filled celebration of students' hard work and creativity. With games, activities, and delicious treats, every detail has been meticulously planned and executed by the students themselves. Their dedication and vision have also secured sponsorships totaling approximately $1400.
Moreover, the students went above and beyond by creating a variety of products to sell at the event, including bracelets, key chains, and more, adding a personal touch to their entrepreneurial venture. They took charge of their online presence by designing and launching their own website, showcasing their products and event details.

Products created by the students displayed on table

Following the presentation, Superintendent Kovach spoke with the students, asking them about their process, how they came up with the products, and who their target audience was. She also inquired about their experience with the interview process, acknowledging how stressful it can be. The class confidently articulated their experiences, with many of them acknowledging the real-life skills they have acquired and will carry with them moving forward.

Mrs. Stampone's innovative teaching approach integrated curriculum expectations from literacy, visual arts, and math. By applying theoretical concepts to practical, real-world scenarios, students deepened their understanding and honed essential skills.

As May 9th quickly approaches, anticipation within the school is palpable. The Grade 8 students of St. Ann CES, Ancaster, are ready to showcase not only their entrepreneurial skills but also their ability to collaborate, innovate, and inspire. Their journey exemplifies the value of hands-on learning in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

In the spirit of St. Ann, who embraced unity and community, we are reminded of her words, 'Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.' Through our collective efforts and shared commitment, the Grade 8 students of St. Ann, Ancaster, exemplify the power of unity, working together hand in hand to bring their vision to life.

The project's significance extends beyond entrepreneurial education; it's about giving back. A portion of the proceeds from the "Surf's Up Beach Party" will be donated to the Bright Run Foundation, which funds local breast cancer research.

Check out their website here:

Grade 8 student smiling and holding event ticket Grade 8 students presenting their business to classSupt Kovach asking questions after the presentation Grade 8 class all together for a picture student displaying the bracelets with the business name on them