Community Planning & Facility Partnerships

Community Planning and Facility Partnerships

The purpose of Community Planning and Facility Partnerships is to encourage cooperative and collaborative relationships, as well as to support the sharing of planning information between the Board and community organizations.

This sharing of planning information allows community organizations to respond to any partnership opportunities presented. These opportunities may include:

  • Facility Partnership through a lease/ license of unused school space
  • Facility Partnership with planned capital projects including major facility renovations/ additions and the building of new schools

Partnerships must be appropriate for the school setting and not compromise the academic achievement or health and safety of the school’s students and staff. Above all, any partnership is expected to enhance the Board’s Mission and Vision and its guiding principles and strategic priorities.

HWCDSB B.F.01 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships Policy
HWCDSB Procedure B.F.01 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships
Ministry of Education Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline - March 2015
Community Planning and Facility Partnerships FACT SHEET

St. Mary CERC Administrative Building FACT SHEET
St. Brigid Administrative Building FACT SHEET

Suitable Space for Partnership Opportunities

The Board shall have the sole discretion to identify, through the Annual Pupil Accommodation Report, school buildings and sites suitable and available for community partnerships, as well as future capital projects that may present an opportunity for co-building with community partners.

The Board will hold at least one (1) public meeting per year to discuss potential planning and partnership opportunities with the public and community organizations. Board staff will notify the entities on the Approved Partner Notification List of the scheduled public meeting, as well as keep the information on space availability up-to-date.


Becoming a Partner

After reviewing both the Board’s B.F.01 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships Policy and Procedure, interested parties are required to complete and submit the Application for Interest for Community and Facility Partnerships form by mail or email to the Office of the Director of Education for consideration.

Community Planning and Facility Partnerships Application Form

Please submit your proposal to:

Dave Hansen
Director of Education
90 Mulberry Street
P.O. Box 2012
Hamilton ON L8N 3R9
Attention: Planning & Assessment Department
Vince Ramelli
Manager of Real Estate, Community Partnerships and Transportation
[email protected]

The Board will consider, and at its sole discretion determine the eligibility of applicants to become potential partners. Where available space or co-build partnerships have been identified, the following principles will be the primary considerations when reviewing suitable facility partnerships:

Respect the values of the Hamilton- Wentworth Catholic District School Board and Catholic faith;
Protect the achievement and health and safety of students and staff;
Partnership must be appropriate for the school setting and not interfere with school/ Board operations and activities;
Maximize the use of excess school space;
Improve services, programs and supports available to students;
Reduce facility operating costs for the Board;
Operation and maintenance of the space will be carried out on a cost recovery basis;
Partnerships will not prevent the Board from building, renovating, and/ or closing schools or from disposing of surplus assets when required.

Cost Neutral Approach

No additional costs should be incurred by the Board to support facility partnerships. Fees will be charged to partners to cover operating costs, capital costs, administrative costs and property taxes (if applicable), for the space occupied by the partner. This will be done on a cost-recovery basis. These fees may also cover legal expenses if deemed necessary.

In co-building, facility partners will be required to pay for and finance their share of construction, including a proportional share of joint-use or shared space.

Additional costs to obtain municipal approvals, perform renovations to protect student safety, provide appropriate washrooms, and otherwise make the space suitable for use by facility partners will be borne by the partner.

Upcoming Meetings

Community Planning & Faculty Partnership
2023-2024 Virtual Annual Meeting
June 26, 2024 at 1:00pm

Organizations interested in participating in the meeting can contact Mr. Vince Ramelli, Manager of Real Estate, Community Partnerships and Transportation at [email protected] or (905) 525-2930, ext. 2155. For the meeting, organizations should identify relevant planning information and ideas for shared space. Additional meetings can be requested by community groups if a project for an area is contemplated.