How to Rent a Facility



Create an account by clicking on the CREATE A PERMIT link on this website’s homepage

You will see the following prompt in eBase.

eBase 1

Please note:

eBase 1

  • Please ensure that someone from your Organization does not already have an account. We ask that only one person per Organization submit permits on behalf of the Organization
  • If the person from your Organization is no longer active in permitting or you need to change the person responsible please do not create a new account, but rather contact the CUS Outreach Supervisor for help
  • If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact the CUS Outreach Supervisor to reset them; please do not create a new or second account as it bogs down the permitting system.

eBase 1


  • have a valid email account and credit card
  • be 18 yrs of age or older
  • submit NFP Organization documents from CRA and be vetted by the CUS rental office
  • agree to all conditions of use outlined in the HWCDSB procedure Manual   Community Use of Schools Procedure Manual
  • review the HWCDSB Fire Safety Plan annually to be able to act responsibly on behalf of their Organization in the event of an Emergency/Fire  HWCDSB Fire Safety Plan 2022.pdf
  • create their own Emergency Plan to keep all individuals they are responsible for while renting safe.  Please utilize this template as a guideline to create your own EAP  EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN 1.pdf
  • be responsible for all payments associated for rental/ permit(s)
  • educate all of the Organizations' on-site supervisors about HWCDSB policies and conditions of use outlined in the Procedure Manual ( ie. coaches/ volunteers ) 

If you are new to ebase, our online permitting system, please take the time to review the introductory video as it may save a lot of time in permit processing

Please note that the account holder or a delegated person representing your Organization or Club must attend one session of the HWCDSB yearly in-services every year that they intend to rent from the HWCDSB.  Session dates and locations are posted on this website under In-service sessions.  Please email [email protected] of your intentions to attend and specify which session date




Permit applications can begin to be input July 1 for each scholastic year.


  • Begin by selecting "Create New Permit Request"
  • Enter details as asked into the application and continue to “page” through the application by selecting “continue to next step”.  If it does not allow you to proceed, there will be a red asterisk outlining the step you missed as it is information that must be provided
  • Category choice – For help in selecting the appropriate category, choose one and a descriptor will drop down – Select the most appropriate for your application/ Organization.  You will be asked at a later date to submit supporting NFP documentation from the CRA to verify your category selection


**For further clarification of HWCDSB categories, please review Permit Categories section**

  • Insurance
    Important: Your permit will not be approved until proper insurance has been arranged.

    All groups must submit proof of comprehensive general liability insurance when applying to rent a facility by submitting a Certificate of Insurance ( COI ) for an amount of no less than $2 million. This has to be for each occurrence; NOT an aggregate. 

    Certificate must name the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board as additional insured.

    The insurance policy must cover the activities of the Authorized User outlined in the permit, and the activities of any other person for whom the party is responsible for while in our buildings.

    If you do not have insurance, select the 'purchase insurance' option and Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board will purchase an insurance certificate on your behalf and the cost will be added to your invoice.

    If you are not submitting the COI at time of application, please select “will provide later” but understand that your permit will NOT be approved without current insurance.

  • Each step of the application process has tutorials – Please take your time to read the tutorials as an incomplete or incorrect application can affect the overall outcome of your application

           ie. Do not apply for a time or space that appears with red highlighting as it is in direct  conflict with another                       permit that is already approved.


  • If you are not familiar with HWCDSB schools, they are listed, by geographical region, under the school catalogue  [book icon]
    If you click on the “view details” of a school you can view photos of spaces that are rentable, as well as view a  google map so you can locate it within Hamilton


  • There will be a section showing estimated costs, but until your permit is approved and all additional costs are dropped in, do not anticipate this as being the total for your invoice [Please see rental rates and fee schedule to better estimate your totals]
  • Review your permit application and hit submit – You will then be assigned a permit number that should be referenced when calling about an application




Please do not input numerous applications when you only want one facility.  If this is the case, please identify your preferences, in order,  in the discussion of the permit that you’d like most

If you have specific questions regarding your permit applications, please ask them through the “ discussion “ area of the permit that your question applies to.   Please attempt to direct your questions through the permit or permit application as opposed to sending separate emails, as it may delay processing. 




Once your permit is submitted it may remain in the new/pending status until permits begin to be reviewed and it may take weeks for that review, especially through the summer and fall peak processing period.

During permit processing you may notice your permit status change:

NEW – permit has been submitted online
PENDING – we are waiting on additional information from you or the approving principal
HOLD & APPROVED –( lock icon appears )  space is held for you and approved, but there are still elements you have not submitted to satisfy the permitting process –


  • Insurance ( COI ) 
  • not for profit documentation

APPROVED – permit completely processed and released to user group

The following message appears on your permit once fully approved.

Your permit has been approved. Please check the dates and times as they may have been adjusted. 
(Only the dates that do not appear with a strike through have been approved.) If a booking date has a strikethrough, that date has not been approved for your use, so please make note of it and manage that on your end.

Please print your permit and invoice.  Administrator of the Organization's account - Please make sure you distribute the approved permit to all of your on-site supervisors/ coaches/ instructors so they have a copy and instruct them to keep it on their person when in the building should they need to produce it for any reason.  Emergency numbers are also listed on the permit should they need it while an activity is in progress.

If you have a credit card on file, any permit fees and purchased insurance will be billed immediately. 
Charges for bookings will be billed, as used, at the end of each month.

If paying by cheque,  make payment payable to the HWCDSB as per charges on your account. 

( Permits continually change so it is best to refer to the amount on your account balance


  1. please remit payment if paying by cheque.  Payment in FULL must be received 2 weeks PRIOR to your first booking
  2. submit a Hold Harmless Agreement (HHA) for each permit – upload to the file section on your approved permit
  3.  submit a current, hard copy of your organization's Certificate of Insurance (COI) - upload to files section of  your account as it has to be verified

Approved permits are electronically issued and should be printed  to provide to on-site supervisors/ coaches prior to use or your first approved booking. 

Please check all dates and times on the approved permit as not all of your application may have been approved.  Your original application may have been altered.  Dates that are unavailable, as well as holidays, have been removed and should be noted and communicated to your coaches/volunteers/ on-site supervisors.




Please see payment section for details

If paying by cheque, payment must be received in full 2 weeks prior to first booking

If paying by credit card, your card on account will be billed at the end of the month the bookings occur in.  Your credit card may be charged for purchased insurance and the permit fee in advance of the first booking however to ensure that insurance is activated.