Emergency & Incident Reporting

For the safety of our visitors when in our facilities:

  • Please familiarize yourselves with location of floor plans and location of  emergency exits 
  • Please know the location of automated external defibrillators ( AED’s ) in case of emergency
  • Please abide by maximum occupancies and ask the rental office if you don’t know them / they aren’t posted in a space
  • Refer to section 2, in its entirety, of the HWCDSB Procedure Manual/ Conditions of Use
  • Every on-site supervisor of an activity must carry a cell phone to call 911 should it be necessary
  • Every on-site supervisor of an activity should also carry a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries

To help our after hours users prepare for emergencies while renting our facilities please refer to the Board’s Fire Safety Plan to create your own.


Please also utilize our Emergency Action Plan template to develop your own plan.  This is an especially vital step for rentals that involve several hundred people or more ie. Auditorium rentals  


Reporting a Critical Injury


FIRST AND IMMEDIATE CALL – is to 911 and then:
to Kent Bigrigg HWCDSB Health & Safety Manager (905) 525-2930  ext. 2228 or Kim Palango CUS Supervisor (289) 922-9546
Leave a detailed message:

  • name of injured person,
  • time and location of incident
  • description of what occurred / nature of injury  
  • please also leave your contact information for follow up

    If you cannot leave a message for the above numbers, 

             call the MOL directly as it operates 24/7 – 1-877-202-0008


Reporting a minor injury/incident requiring hospital visit

  • Rental group administers first aid
  • Rental group advises custodian on duty, or principal of minor injury
  • Rental group contacts CUS Supervisor with details – [email protected] ; form to be filed


Reporting Damage to School Property


If a community user group damages HWCDSB property, or equipment, it must be immediately brought to the attention of the custodian/ principal on -site, as well as reported to the CUS Supervisor.  The school will input a work order for the repairs and the invoice for those repairs will be passed along to the user group.  The cost to repair or replace damaged property/ equipment is the responsibility of the permit holder.

The Board reserves the right to levy additional charges for any cost incurred for clean-up/ vandalism/ loss to bring the school to the cleanliness level acceptable to the principal [ Education Act, S.265 (j) ] Those charges will be charged to the permit holder.