Charity of Hope: Partnering for Community Impact

Charity of Hope: Partnering for Community Impact
Posted on 02/26/2024
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Students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School recently produced a heartfelt video to express their appreciation to Charity of Hope for their generous donation of a high-end fridge. This contribution has broadened the snack and meal options available to students, enriching their daily experience at school. 

Charity of Hope, an organization committed to granting wishes and supporting children, youth, and families since 1996, has long championed the importance of community well-being. Through funding initiatives, they provide essential support to schools and teachers, ensuring students remain engaged and thrive academically. 

Guided by values of Honour, Compassion, Openness, Integrity, Partnerships, Community, Excellence, and Passion, Charity of Hope unites volunteers and community partners to effect positive change. Collaborating with community allies, including the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB), Charity of Hope has collectively raised over one million dollars to support the needs of our community.

In addition to their financial assistance, Charity of Hope celebrates exceptional individuals through awards like the Edge Spirit Award and the Hope Award. The Edge Spirit Award, named in memory of co-founder Morris Mercanti, recognizes a high school student who embodies the organization's values.  Similarly, the Hope Award is bestowed upon a boy and girl from the graduating class at an Equal Opportunity School, the award is given to students who exemplify the values of the Charity of Hope’s values. 16 students from the HWCDSB have been honoured with this award.

In commending and thanking the Charity of Hope and the St. Mary Catholic Secondary School Community, Chairperson Patrick Daly remarked that “this valuable partnership is a wonderful example of our shared commitment to promote the dignity of the human person and to do all we can to enable all students to realize their fullness of humanity of which Jesus Christ is the model”.