Empowering Young Chefs and Gardeners

Empowering Young Chefs and Gardeners
Posted on 03/26/2024
Cooking Club

The St. David Catholic Elementary School Cooking Club recently had the pleasure of hosting members of President’s Choice Children's Charity for a fun day of making pizzas and planting seeds. The hands-on cooking lesson featured experienced chefs and volunteers from both organizations. Children eagerly participated in preparing their dough, then applying sauce and their choice of toppings. From mixing ingredients to mastering basic cooking techniques, the young chefs were fully engaged in the culinary process. In addition to hands-on cooking activities, the event emphasized the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits. Representatives from the PC Children's Charity shared valuable insights on balanced nutrition, encouraging children and families to make informed food choices for their well-being.

While the pizzas were in the oven, our Grade 3 students demonstrated their green thumbs by planting seeds for our school garden. Students planted broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries. These classes will now have the responsibility of watching, watering, and planting the seeds in the St. David CES garden when the time comes.

The PC Children's Charity continues to show its commitment to supporting initiatives that positively impact children's lives. They support many of the schools in the HWCDSB through their Powerful Kids: Eat Well, Equipment Fund, and Grow and Cook grant programs. Through this collaboration, both organizations reaffirmed their dedication to empowering children and families through education, nutrition, and community engagement.