Josh Omojafo Lands Spot on Bevo Top 50

Former HWCDSB student Josh Omojafo Lands Coveted Spot on Bevo Francis Top 50 Watch List
Posted on 02/22/2024
Josh standing with Mr. Welsh and family

Josh Omojafo, a former student of HWCDSB, continues to make waves in collegiate basketball. The sophomore at Gannon University has recently secured a place on the Clarence "Bevo" Francis Top 50 Watch List, a significant achievement in the world of collegiate basketball, a testament to his exceptional performance on the court.

Standing at 6'5", Omojafo's talent and dedication have earned him recognition beyond his hometown. The Clarence "Bevo" Francis Award honors the top player in small college basketball, considering various factors such as individual statistics, team achievements, personal character, and community contributions. Omojafo's inclusion in the Top 50 is a testament to his remarkable skills and unwavering commitment.

Reflecting on his journey, Omojafo acknowledges the values instilled in him during his time in the HWCDSB. "The lessons from high school I find important as a student athlete at Gannon University is being able to prioritize and manage my time effectively," he shares. His former teacher, Robert Welsh, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing Omojafo's commitment to excellence both on and off the court.

From his days at St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Elementary School to his graduation from St. Jean de Brébeuf Catholic Secondary School, Josh's path has been illuminated by his relentless pursuit of success. Welsh shared, "Josh's commitment has been evident from a young age, displaying a strong work ethic and determination in various aspects of his life."

"From a young age, Josh demonstrated a profound commitment to his faith, actively engaging in religious practices and embracing spiritual principles," Welsh recalls. "His sincere belief system was apparent in his compassionate interactions with others in Best Buddies, Reading Buddies, school mass, etc. Josh's commitment to his spiritual beliefs played a significant role in shaping his character and guiding his decision making to attend a Catholic University like Gannon University."

But Omojafo's journey is not solely defined by basketball. His strong faith, nurtured by his family and Catholic education, has played a significant role in shaping his character and guiding his decisions. "I carry my strong belief in my faith," he reflects, highlighting the importance of his spiritual principles in navigating life's challenges.

Now a sophomore at Gannon University, Omojafo remains humble amidst his achievements. "Being nominated for the Bevo Francis Top 100 Watchlist, and now the Top 50, is a proud moment for myself and my family," he remarks. Grateful for the support of his family, teammates, and the Hamilton community, Omojafo expresses his appreciation for the opportunity to represent them on the national stage.

As Omojafo continues to excel both academically and athletically, his journey serves as an inspiration to students within our school community and beyond. With his Hamilton roots grounding him and his sights set on the future, Omojafo is poised to make a lasting impact in collegiate basketball.

See photo below of artwork Josh made for his grade one teacher, Mr. Welsh. Welsh cherished the artwork throughout his teaching career and brought it to Josh’s first University game. This same piece of artwork will be with him when he attends Josh’s University graduation.

Josh with Mr. Welsh and family at University game

Josh's artwork grade oneJosh with Mr. Welsh holding artworkJosh playing at Gannon Universitycollage of Josh playing basketball