St. Michael Students Support Habitat for Humanity

St. Michael CES Students Shine in Support of Habitat for Humanity
Posted on 02/28/2024
Group of students of St. Michael CES outside of the school

Grade 5 and 6 students at St. Michael Catholic Elementary School recently participated in the Meaning of Home writing contest, supporting Habitat for Humanity Canada. The contest invites students to share their thoughts on home through poetry or essays, highlighting the importance of safe, affordable housing.

Led by their teachers, St. Michael students embraced the opportunity to make a difference. With enthusiasm and empathy, they expressed their thoughts on the meaning of home and its significance.

One notable entry from Xyrus Mercado, a Grade 6 student, beautifully captures the essence of home:

"Home, something built together, not alone.
Home is where our stories are found,
where love and joy can be spread around."

Xyrus describes home as a place of love, warmth, and belonging, echoing the values of compassion and solidarity instilled in our students through their Catholic education. These sentiments remind us of our commitment to live as Christ lived, extending love and support to all members of our community.

The response from the students was inspiring, with 76 heartfelt entries received.

Gratitude for the opportunity to participate was expressed by the teachers involved, symbolizing the collective sentiment of appreciation. "Thank you for inviting our students," they remarked. "It raised awareness about the importance of everyone having a home and illustrated how their writing skills can drive positive change by supporting Habitat for Humanity."

The students' efforts raised $760 for their local Habitat for Humanity in Hamilton.

See Xyrus Mercado's poem below:
Teacher: Ms.Passaro
Grade 6

Home, something built together, not alone.

Home is where our stories are found, where love and joy can be spread around. Home isn’t just a place to live. But a place where we can thrive. Home reminds us of who we are. You shouldn’t suffer alone in your home, there are loving people waiting to help. Where memories are built, good and bad. Homes aren’t just a few walls and a roof, it’s the arms that wrap around you at night after a long day, the love you feel towards other family members, and the warmth of knowing you are loved. Home could also be a place of discomfort and pain, but once you work through all of that pain, you will find peace within your home. Homes aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes homes, homes. No one can really define what a home is as everybody views homes a little different. Your home has a special place in your heart. If you think houses and homes are the same, you would be completely wrong. Every home is unique, homes are places where you build your life, where you learned to walk, where you said your first word, where you grew up, and where you love. Home is something built together, not alone.
Student sitting together outside of St.Michael CES